Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Suddenly single dad at 40

Here we go again: yet another step on the inexorable march toward surrender to the invasion of the internet and technology into every facet of life.  I have reconnected with long lost friends on it and discovered the depth of the loss.  I have been doing the biggest part of my work on it, preparing reportcards for my little critters at school.  I have enjoyed quality time with my two boys on it, laughing at comedy and singing lustily to songs on the 'tube with a boy on each knee. and most incredibly, I lost my wife to it...

Of course I realize that the net and her attachment to it was only a signal, a symbol of the drifting apart that was already happening in our marriage and not the source of the end. Changing feelings and personality differences on both sides were the bomb that blew things to hell.  But the net was the means through which she met her new love interest.  I'm sitting here now for heaven's sake, with my sons that I have through the week (and part of the summer) trying to work this out in my head and typing it for your consumption on the GD computer.  It's stupid to blame a box of circuit boards and an ethereal tapestry of wireless connections for the fact that I am a single dad at 40... isn't it?? Why do I still want to take my rusty sledgehammer to a laptop, or run over my cell phone with the lawnmower? 


  1. Hey Mike - you made it to Blogland!

    Sorry to hear of the domestic situation, but I'm looking forward to seeing you develop the blog.

    Kim :)

  2. There were a lot of reasons to do this. It's a space that's mine, to do with whatever the hell I want. It's a chance to practice the writing and storytelling craft. Sometimes, Like with this first entry, it's a place to ruminate and vent spleen. It's amazing what you think of and what comes out of you head when you just type without too much overthinking...